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Differences are good and… tasty!

Pubblicato il 11 febbraio 2014

Accepting and understanding other cultures is something that everyone needs to learn.

If everyone looked and acted exactly the same, wouldn’t the world be boring?

Think of the world as a giant… PIZZA!!!  Without all the different types of veggies, cheese, meat and other toppings all you get is an unexciting, tasteless pizza crust.  But when you put them all together, you get something very interesting and yummy.

The students of 2D read and wrote about other kids around the world to know their habits and their culture better and now they realize that, in order to help break down the walls between cultures, we need to learn about each other.

Once we understand each other, there won’t be reasons left to hate.

Here are some of our pupils’ great jobs!

A KID’s life in Armenia by Valentina P.

A Kid’s life in Australia, by Elena

A Kid’s life in France …

A kid’s life in India, by Simone M.


A kid’slife in China, by Elisa …

A kid’slife in IRELAND …

A kid’s life in PAKISTAN …

A kid’slife in the USA …

Life in Egypt, by Gaia Z. …

Enjoy reading!!!

Ms Mariella

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