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When students become really competent!

Pubblicato il 5 giugno 2014

Ecco di cosa sono capaci i nostri ragazzi e ragazze, quando si attivano, si mettono in gioco e producono, infine, la loro ‘magia’! … Questo è un esempio di lettera scritta da un’alunna di terza A per narrare l’incontro con un ospite davvero ‘speciale’.

Enjoy Silvia’s letter and write a comment, please!…

“Hi there! How are you? What are you doing in this period? Are you doing anything special?

I’m writing this letter to tell you what happened on Friday, 23rd May 2014.

During my English lesson – that I thought it was a normal one with my teacher, Ms. Malausa – a very special guest came!

We met Christian, Daniele’s brother: Daniele is a classmate and a dear friend of mine.

Christian is 17 years old and he is attending the fourth year at Malignani High School, so he is a student.

He talked about the importance of using English to communicate, to meet the world and to understand the reality that surrounds us.

He said that English is the most important subject at school because it opens your mind and makes you think in a different way.

He showed us a power point he prepared: it contained a little ‘treasure’! In fact, there were many pictures in it, that Christian took when he had his English experiences abroad and in Italy, with some of his teachers…

The projects and opportunities that Malignani High School offered Christian and the other students, during their school career so far were:

– a journey to London (PROJECT CLIL AND GO)

– a special school trip to Brussels;

– PEG project (Parlamento Europeo Giovani);

– Biodiversity project – with a Slovenian school.

Christian went to London with his classmates and two teachers, in March 2014, and he stayed there for a week. He said that he crossed the Tower Bridge sailing on the river Thames and he said it was amazing! He visited the London Eye and he said that it was peculiar and impressive to see it in the evening because it is so full of lights… He also visited “the Globe”: the famous theatre where Shakespeare performed as actor and author more than 400 years ago, and Piccadilly Circus. In the afternoon, Christian and his classmates used to have some free hours to hang around London and they used to go everywhere by public transports, to move quickly around the city. They used to take the London Subway (THE TUBE), buses and trains using the Oyster Card all the time- that’s so useful!

I think it’s amazing to hang around London in total freedom with your friends!

Christian’s typical day in London started at 8 a.m., when he got up and he had a typical English breakfast. At 8.40 he used to catch the bus and at 9 a.m. he started his lesson of English, which went on for three hours, until midday. He used to have lunch at school and then he used to take the train back to Wimbledon – where he stayed in a host family for the whole week.

The trip to Brussels was very interesting: Christian went there with his classmates, his teacher of Science, his teacher of English and his teacher of Technology. He stayed there from the 3rd to the 7th of March 2013 and he stayed in a hotel – not in a house, like in England. Christian told us that in Belgium people speak French, Flemish and English, too.

Christian’s classmates went to see the European Parliament in Brussels and attended a meeting in a conference room: they listened to a representative member from Friuli V.G.

He said that Belgium schools are different from ours because the students at middle school have to specialise and at the end of High School their professional career is already decided.

In the PEG Project, six students went to Lignano and they were supposed to simulate a parliamentary work, choosing between six social problems to discuss about. Christian chose Homophobia and then he met eleven students from other Italian schools who chose the same problem: they were supposed to write a resolution in order to solve it, in some way. They decided to change the law that says that “a marriage is between a man and a woman”: they re-wrote the law, using different words and saying that a marriage is between “a person and a person”. Their message was clear: all the people have the same rights! Men and women, black and white people, a person who is homosexual and a person who is heterosexual are all brothers and sisters and are all different but were all created equal in terms of civil rights!

The “Biodiversity Project” was carried on in collaboration between Science and English teachers and it explained the importance of “being different”: the students learnt how to classify plants and animals using English.

I really loved the moment when Christian talked about the PEG Project because it opened my mind…

In fact I’ve never thought about the fact that in Italy we usually say that “men” are important, and not “people” – that is “men and women”: this emphasises the differences between being a man or being a woman.

Homophobia is one of the worst problems in the world nowadays and we must try and solve it and think that it’s a very disgusting problem. Everyone of us, every person, should be free to be whatever they want and it is ridiculous to discriminate those people who don’t seem to follow the rules of “normality”.

This meeting opened my eyes and made me think…

I think that one day we, all together, have to stamp out this wall made of fear of things that are different from our “normality”. I hope it will happen!

I really enjoyed all the rest of the meeting but the best thing was the speech about Homophobia.

During Christian’s presentation I felt amazed because I want to have experiences like his.

In my opinion, travelling around the world speaking English is incredible because only with a common language you can understand the whole world and the world can understand you.

English is like a key that opens all the doors because it is an international language and you can go everywhere using it.

I think that in the future I’ll always use English to communicate: at school, first, and then in my life as an adult – every day in my career.

Did you appreciate the meeting?

Write as soon possible!

Love ”

Silvia B. – 3A

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    Thanks a lot for this kind message!
    Let me say we greatly enjoy working and sharing, ideas and experiences related to school and education… and that’s all we want and all we need to feel happy and proud! But we really appreciate all kind comments and useful feedback. Thanks again!
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    Dear Silvia

    congratulations for your excellent English and your inquisitive mind! I am Christian’s English teacher and I really enjoyed your report of our international projects.

    Ms Donatella Savonitto

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    A parte gli scherzi è un progetto epico!

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